Wednesday, October 16, 2013


I found Dugo under my car around midnight two weeks ago while I was at Verdugo Bar (@verdugobar) in Los Angeles. He was meowing a ton, so I knew he couldn't be that feral. Plus he came to me after only a few high pitched "C'mere"'s.

I brought him home and after he ate, we played and cuddled for about an hour and a half before I noticed something crawling on him. And then another something. And then about 40 somethings... he was covered in fleas - and they were big ones too! I knew he had to be too small for regular flea medicine (which I actually had in the cabinet) so I went to the blogs to see what to do. I found out you can use Dawn brand dishsoap to kill all the fleas - so I drove out to CVS at midnight to get some! It was really gross at one point during the bathing, they were crawling into his ears and mouth...I gave him 3 baths over the course of that night and the next day just to make sure I got them all.

I set Dugo up in a corner of one of our rooms for the night and kept him isolated from Suki since he wasn't tested and had no shots yet. I thought for sure he'd be stuck in this corner, but I found him the next morning hanging out under the couch on the other side of the room.

The next morning, I took Dugo to the vet and had him tested for everything and got all his first shots.
Our vet told me during our visit that I would need to come back because he needed a stool sample. Almost on cue, Dugo pooped right in front of us! It was pretty funny, and also convenient. Since bringing him home, that was the only time he pooped outside of a litter box. He tested negative on feline leukemia, negative on poop parasites, negative on worms - he was pretty much super healthy. The vet even said I killed all the fleas with the dish soap and that he wasn't finding any living ones!

Transitioning him in has been a little difficult with Suki but we are working on it. She still growls and hisses (out of fear, I think) but she likes to watch him sometimes from a few feet away. I can't wait for the day they are cuddling, but it is definitely not happening yet.

Leave a comment if you have ever rescued a kitten before!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Toilet Training - Steps 1 & 2

Happy New Year! Suki's New Years resolution is to use the toilet instead of a litter box.  We got a Citi Kitty toilet training kit for Christmas this year, and started it this week. It's been going so well already!

Step 1 is to put your cat's litter box into the bathroom near the toilet, so that they get used to the idea of potty time being in that room. I skipped this step because Suki's litter box was in a closet right next to our bathroom.

We are currently on Step 2. Step 2 basically is when you put the removable tray with flushable litter onto the toilet seat. There is no hole yet (those get punched out as training progresses), so you do have to scoop out the presents whenever you notice them.

Don't forget to get really excited and reward your cat everytime they use the toilet pan! Suki likes to use it when I'm in the bathroom for some reason, so I'm always around to give her high fives and head nudgies (and take pictures of course).

I'll keep you posted on future steps!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Cheapest Cat Toy Ever!

Suki recently has discovered Q-Tips! She loves to play fetch with them and collect them in a stash. I wake up in the morning usually with a couple Q-Tips by the foot of my bed. We have to make sure we give her fresh ones, otherwise her hunter instincts come out and I'll find her sifting through the garbage can looking for old Q-Tips! Gross Suk!

Check out the video below to see her and Q-Tips in action!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

September PetSmart Haul

Today I went to PetSmart to buy some new dry food, wet food, treats, and toys for the Suk. I spent $36 dollars (with a PetSmart discount card & Blue Buffalo coupon). Suki was so excited when I walked in the door she couldn't even wait for me to get the stuff out of the tote!

I hear bells!
BLUE Buffalo Indoor Health Adult (Salmon & Brown Rice Recipe) Dry Food
I ended up using a Blue Buffalo Coupon and saved $3.00 off a 7lb. bag of Blue Buffalo Healthy Living Salmon flavored dry food (I got it for $16.99 instead of $19.99). I poured it into our 10lb small dog auto feeder, and Suki right away went over to taste it. She seemed pleased.

Assorted Cans of BLUE Buffalo Canned Cat Food
I bought 11 different flavors of the smaller cans of BLUE canned cat food. I prefer to buy the smaller cans because Suki finishes them faster and they dont get old and crusty. I think she also likes taste variety in her life, so I try to give her a good mix of flavors every day.

BLUE Wilderness Chicken & Trout Natural Soft-Moist Treats
I picked up a new bag of treats, BLUE Wilderness Chicken & Trout. They are really soft/moist which Suki prefers I think to the hard kind of treats. She won't eat hard treats unless I break them apart hard treats to they are easier for her to eat. Such a baby!

Grreat Choice Nature Latrice Ball
I can't ever leave a pet store without grabbing a new toy, so today I went for a faux yarn ball with a bell inside. Right now as I type, Suki is laying down on the hardwood floor lazily batting at the new toy. I think she likes it.