about me

I'm Suki, a part blue point siamese / part whatever cat, who was rescued from a backyard in Corona, CA. My owners found me on Craigslist while they were en route to California and I was picked up the day a lease was signed at their apartment. They had me before they even got furniture!

I'm 2 years old now, a globe trotter, and know a lot of tricks which you can see on my Youtube Channel. I can play fetch, high five, roll around, and almost balance on my hind legs. That one is sort of difficult still.

I am a huge supporter of animal rescue, obviously, since I was myself rescued. When my owners got me I only weighed 2 lbs, and I was a boney little traumatized thing. I now weigh like 9.5 lbs, enjoy a variety of cat foods, and have so many designated nap zones in this apartment I can't even list them! I guess I'm pretty well loved.

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Day 1: On the ride home the day I got adopted

Day 1: Food!

Day 1: Gonna have to get used to this

Day 1: I want some of that rice dude

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  1. Awww, you can tell you're loved! Good job picking some good hoomans to take care of you!!