Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sherpa Deluxe Pet Carrier Review

I purchased the Sherpa Deluxe Pet Carrier (Medium) two years ago when Suki was only 5 months old. We were flying to NY for Christmas and she had never flown before. This bag has held up nicely with no rips or tears, and has provided safety and security for Suki in a number of air plane trips, apartment moves, and visits to the vet.

This bag is made for cats & dogs up to 16lbs, and the dimensions are 18" Long x 10.5" High x 11" Wide. The inside bottom of this bag is faux lambskin liner. It is removable (and replaceable) in the event of any accidents. I put a small blanket on top of it when I travel.

Three of the sides are made from a strong plasticy mesh which offer good ventilation and allow Suki to see what is going on around her. The mesh is really strong, and can withstand a lot of clawing while your cat is getting used to it.

The two ends have roll-up/roll-down shades that are held up or down up by Velcro. I put the shades down when we are flying, and I have the carrier under the seat in front of me so that Suki doesn't freak out with all the feet walking by. We usually sit on the aisle.

There are two pocket areas, but only one of them zips. I pack treats and a harness (when I remember) in the zipper pocket. I sometimes put my wallet and boarding pass in this zipper pocket too when I am carrying on my suitcase - in that event, the Pet Duffle is your carry on "personal item" so you can't use a purse too.

The detachable shoulder strap can double as a short leash, although this has never really been useful to me because Suki is not allowed out of the carrier at the airport (where I use this bag most). The only time she is allowed out is when we walk through security, but when we do that the leash must go through the scanner with my other luggage.

This specific model carrier has the Delta logo on it. I could care less about that aspect, but I found one perk is that when you are getting your boarding pass, the person at the counter doesn't think twice about whether or not your pet carrier is approved.

This pet carrier is the best one I have seen or used so far, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone traveling with a cat. Suki loves it too, and views it as her "safe zone". When we visit my family's cats, she watches them from inside her bag. Also, when she is trying to tell me she is ready to go home, I will find her in the morning sleeping in the carrier!

Do you have this carrier or one like it? Leave a comment!


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