Monday, September 3, 2012

Trader Joe's Canned Cat Food Review

Trader Joe's canned cat food is a cheap choice for healthy wet food for your cat. At only $0.59 cents a can, it is affordable and convenient (if you shop at Trader Joe's). There are also no by-products in these wet foods.

Suki seems to enjoy all three of these taste varieties. The food is pretty moist upon opening the can, although I usually need to add a spoonful of water each additional day she eats it after it has been refrigerated. Also, since the cans are big, they last through 3-4 feedings, and Suki seems to get bored of the flavor by the last feeding. 

Trader Joe's, if you are listening-  Suki and I think it would be a good idea if you made your cans smaller, and offered 2 more flavors, with at least one of them being more "giblet-like"

Leave a comment if your cat loves/hates Trader Joe's canned cat food!


  1. I have been feeding my cats the Trader Joe's wet food and they have been throwing up and having diarrhea. I used to feed them Wellness but wanted to do something cheaper. It didn't bother them for the first couple of weeks, maybe I just got a bad batch. Just want give everyone an FYI word of caution, I am switching back to Wellness, worth the sacrifice.

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  3. I bought a can of TJ chicken turkey rice and it caused my cat the most terrible case of gastric pain I have ever seen!
    The next day, she was literally screaming. vomiting and diarrhea.

  4. I have been feeding my cats trader joe's turkey & giblets canned cat food for 4 years straight now. They absolutely love it & are in great health. I find it excellent value for the price of 69 cents a 5oz can!

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