Thursday, August 16, 2012

Midnight Cat Snack

When I first got Suki, she almost seemed nocturnal. The first night I had her home, I had to lock actually her in the walk in closet so that I could get a few hours of sleep. (I found kitten Suki curdled up in the laundry basket the next day. It was adorable.) Up until just a few months ago, Suki would run around, bite my feet, use my body as a landing pad, literally meow in my face and lick my arms, all while I was sleeping. It was incredibly annoying, and for a while I had to lock her out of the bedroom at night.

The past few months I tried out a few things to see if I could alter her sleep schedule. In the evenings I try to prevent Suki from napping. I don't care if she naps during the day but between the hours of 7pm-12am, I try to keep her from catching any Z's. I'm not sure if this has had any effect over how long she sleeps at night but it has to help.

The other thing I've been doing is feeding Suki wet food right before I want to go to sleep. She wolfs it down in like a second because it's her favorite thing ever, and then she's really exhausted. She then climbs up into her cat condo to the very top, and sleeps through the night. I wake up in the morning and she is in the exact same spot and position. Once she hears me waking up she stretches, yawns, and then follows me meowing until I feed her some wet food!

Does your cat sleep through the night?

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  1. MOL - you sounds like a clever momma for sure! Well I sleeps through the night mostly except for when I wakes momma up with kisses for my noms, I have terrorized both momma and daddy while they slept in the past. I even chewed momma's night clothes, but I is a Turkish Angora and this results in a very demanding... always gets my way kitty! Momma says that cats generally get use to sleeping at night time when they has a day time only feeding schedule, and play time during day time hours helps too!