Saturday, August 4, 2012

Soulistic Chicken Dinner in Pumpkin Soup Review

Suki tried a new food today. I was at PETCO last night and I noticed this pouch of cat food on on of their aisle displays. I glanced quickly at it, and what caught my eye was that it was "Chicken Dinner in Pumpkin Soup". I thought that was interesting, and Suki had never had pumpkin before, so I grabbed a pouch to test it out. The brand is Soulistic.

After doing some research, I learned that Soulistic pet food contains lean, whole cuts of free range boneless, skineless white breast chicken mean that is free of added hormones and steroids - or wild caught, sustainable resource dolphin and turtle safe fish. Plus a whole bunch of added vitamins and minerals. (Source)

I poured it into her bowl, and before I could get it on the floor near her water, she was up on the counter giving it a taste. What is great about this food, is that it has so much water in it. We live in a really hot place, so this is helps Suki to not get dehydrated too.

The one mistake I made was that I poured the whole pouch into a bowl for her. She didn't eat even half of it (I think she wasn't as hungry as I thought). I put it in the refrigerator for later. I think if I just add water to it when I get it out again, she will give it another whirl.

Have you tried this brand? What did your cat think? Leave a comment below! 


  1. I have not tried this! Have you tried fresh bird or mousie? Those are my favorites!

  2. My new adopted rescuees, Socks and Kramer, LOVED this food, which came highly recommended.