Sunday, September 16, 2012

September PetSmart Haul

Today I went to PetSmart to buy some new dry food, wet food, treats, and toys for the Suk. I spent $36 dollars (with a PetSmart discount card & Blue Buffalo coupon). Suki was so excited when I walked in the door she couldn't even wait for me to get the stuff out of the tote!

I hear bells!
BLUE Buffalo Indoor Health Adult (Salmon & Brown Rice Recipe) Dry Food
I ended up using a Blue Buffalo Coupon and saved $3.00 off a 7lb. bag of Blue Buffalo Healthy Living Salmon flavored dry food (I got it for $16.99 instead of $19.99). I poured it into our 10lb small dog auto feeder, and Suki right away went over to taste it. She seemed pleased.

Assorted Cans of BLUE Buffalo Canned Cat Food
I bought 11 different flavors of the smaller cans of BLUE canned cat food. I prefer to buy the smaller cans because Suki finishes them faster and they dont get old and crusty. I think she also likes taste variety in her life, so I try to give her a good mix of flavors every day.

BLUE Wilderness Chicken & Trout Natural Soft-Moist Treats
I picked up a new bag of treats, BLUE Wilderness Chicken & Trout. They are really soft/moist which Suki prefers I think to the hard kind of treats. She won't eat hard treats unless I break them apart hard treats to they are easier for her to eat. Such a baby!

Grreat Choice Nature Latrice Ball
I can't ever leave a pet store without grabbing a new toy, so today I went for a faux yarn ball with a bell inside. Right now as I type, Suki is laying down on the hardwood floor lazily batting at the new toy. I think she likes it.


  1. Where do you get coupon? I want to try it for my overweight cat. It is priced 50% higher than Iams
    That is a lot for me.

    Is the coupon in bag of food
    I was on their page recently to see who carried it in my area. I didn't notice a coupon.


  2. Today I went to PetSmart to buy some new dry food, wet food, treats, and ...

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