Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Why Suki Sits in Windows

The absolute favorite place for my cat to be during the day or night is in front of an open window.  We all know the main reasons why this is such a hot spot for felines- they are territorial, curious, and natural hunters. But I want to know - what funny idea do you have about why your cat sits in the window?

My own theory why Suki sits in the window every day is because she wants to let the stray cats outside know who's house this is! I see her glaring at them as her tail gets all puffy... She is not about to start sharing her left overs with no street cats. In my theory, Suki is scarred from her old outside life where she had to fight for even the smallest amount of food. She loves her collar (actual fact) and is very territorial about her new house.

Why does your cat stare out the window?

1 comment:

  1. Sunbeams, birds, and keeping watch! There's nothing better than a good window perch!