Monday, July 30, 2012

Cooling Off in 100°F Weather

Suki lives in Southern California, where temperatures outside reach 100+ degrees on a daily basis from June - October. We don't have the greatest air conditioner in our apartment, and so it also gets pretty hot inside too. We had to get creative to find a way for her to stay cool.

I found the best way to keep the Suk cool is to spray her with a cool mist of water (IKEA has really cheap water bottles), and then brush her where I just sprayed. After I'm done, she proceeds to clean herself, so in addition to the cool mist, her saliva also cools her fur down.

The only downside to this method... is that the water bottle will no longer be seen as a punishment. When Suki sees the water bottle now, she rolls over onto her back and basically begs for it.

How do you keep your cat cool? Leave a comment.

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