Sunday, July 29, 2012

Whisker City Ceramic Bowls

Aren't these Whisker City ceramic cat bowls adorable! They also wash really easily, which is extremely important to me because I don't have a dishwasher.

I use these bowls only for Suki's wet food. We have larger gallon jugs for water and dry food. I have two of these ceramic bowls so that there is always a clean one ready. The remains of wet food get crusty and gross after a day, so I switch up the bowl often. 

These ceramic bowls are from Petsmart, although they were purchased a while ago so i can't guarantee that they still carry them. They are dark navy blue and feature lighter colored Siamese cats on them. 

What cat bowls do you use?


  1. Hi! Thanks for visiting us today! We use ceramic bowls, too. Our mom found us some cool ones on the internets. We also have one from PetSmart...not the same as yours but similar. We use it for water. Your bowls are great!

  2. Hi Suki and Suki's Mom
    What a lovely surprise to get a new visitor - we are very pleased to meet you.
    We have ceramic dishes and sometimes if we're having a small treat we have saucers so we're not chasing something small round and round!! Our bowls for water are ceramic too.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. For my kitties I use whatever cute small bowls I can find for their wet food. I recently found some really cute ones at Kohl's, and have been buying them with my Kohl's Cash. The others I have picked up at yard sales and such. With three cats that all eat wet food twice a day, we always need more!

  4. Nice! Ceramic dishes are great. I'll do a post soon with what we use for dry food and water too. Thanks for the comments!