Saturday, July 28, 2012

Blue Buffalo Kitty Yums Savory Salmon Cat Treats Review

One of Suki's absolute favorite cat treats is BLUE Buffalo Kitty Yums Savory Salmon. They are healthy, delicious, and available at a majority of major Pet Stores. We are holding a giveaway of these treats too! For details, click our giveaway tab.

Note: Blue Buffalo is not paying me to blog this, I like their philosophy & Suki loves eating these treats.

The first ingredient in Kitty Yums Savory Salmon is actual salmon, followed by other delicious things like brown rice, fish oil, and rosemary. They have a softish texture, and are easy for cats and kittens to chew. Sometimes I break up the treats into a few smaller pieces for the Suk and hide them around where she is hanging out so that it is more fun for her.

The greatest thing about these cat treats, as well as all BLUE Buffalo products, is that they contain no chicken or poultry by-product meals, no artificial preservatives, and no corn, wheat, or soy. (SourceThese treats come in a variety of flavors and all contain nutritional and safe ingredients that promote a long as-cancer-free-as-possible lifespan of your cat.

We are giving away 5 bags of these treats to 5 of our first 500 subscribers on Youtube! See the giveaway tab for details.

Disclaimer: If you leave this bag out where your cat can get at it, he/she WILL rip a hole in it and help themselves! The Suk definitely did!

What treats does your cat or kitten like?

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  1. My Yuki LOVES Blue Buffalo Kitty Yums in Tempting Tuna flavor, and he is a picky little guy. This is the first treat I found that he will even eat. He has already rejected a couple of other brands. I will definitely be trying out some other Blue Buffalo flavors.